Website localization with not8
Attach sticky notes with translation suggestions and localization feedback to any website element
and share them with your team or clients in one click
Point & Click Localization Tool
Say goodbye to translation spreadsheets, communication platforms, and screenshot tools. Not8 is a localization feedback tool for website - it transforms any webpage into a collaborative space where teams and clients can discuss localization adjustments in real-time.
Attach notes to any visual element or text on a live website
Collaborate with your team in real-time
Integrations with 5000+ tools
Feedback Tool For Website
Swift Localization Discussions
Save 3+ hours/week on localization reviews with not8 online website feedback tool. Discuss translation accuracy, cultural nuances, and layout adjustments in real-time with your team or client, directly on the website being localized, and receive immediate notifications on localization feedback and updates.

Localization Clarity & Consistency

Ensure every localized detail is spot-on. Directly pinpoint areas needing cultural or linguistic adjustments on any website or web app. Enhance clarity with video feedback and auto-captured screenshots, ensuring every aspect of your localization is consistent and culturally appropriate.

Website Issue Tracker

What People Say About Us

Before using not8, our team was sometimes overwhelmed with Slack messages or emails of screenshots and notes. Now all notes are in one place on the reviewed site and are very easy to share with the rest of the team. The notes are placed precisely where the feedback is relevant.

Overall, not8 helped us to save a lot of time with the launch of our new website!
Vienne Kuperus
Product Owner at StudyWorks
As an early-stage startup we need to make rapid product changes every single day. Not8 has been a game changer for us in our testing and iteration speed. Compared to manually creating jira tickets, adding screenshots, updating information, etc, Not8 has literally saved us hours of work every day in testing and reporting issues rapidly. I would highly recommend Not8 to any early stage product that needs to iterate quickly.
Satwik G.
Co-Founder & CEO of Uptiq
not8 has been a game changer for our digital agency. Before, we were
constantly switching between different communication tools and it was a huge time drain. Now, with not8, all of our conversations are streamlined and in one place. It's helped us save countless hours and increase employee productivity by at least 15%. I highly recommend it to any digital agency or IT company looking to improve their communication and collaboration.
Hamza Haj Taieb
Head of Design Department at Dar
As an agency, we started using not8 from their conception. As we design and
build website for a variety of brands in various industries, to have simple to use tool like not8 has been incredibly useful. It makes communicating internally and with our clients incredibly simple. not8 are also brilliantly responsive to our feature requests helping us have smoother development processes.
Jacob Dilley
Founder of Lobo Creative UI/UX Agency
I would highly recommend not8 to any development team looking to streamline their design review process!
I’ve been using not8 a few months now and it has made a huge difference in how our development team works with the design team. The web integtation is smoth and allows us to easily review and provide feedback on designs.
Jules Varnier
UX lead at ZetaDisplay
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