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Effortlessly Leave Notes on Websites for Your Team to Edit Later!

1. Pin the extension

Click on the extensions menu (puzzle icon) and pin not8. It will help you launch the extension in one click on any web page.

2. Open your site
Navigate to the site you would like to review with not8. We love our landing site, so in our example it is :)

3. Click on the extension icon

To activate the extension - click on not8 icon that you have just pinned. It will allow you to start leaving sticky notes on this page

I would highly recommend not8 to any development team looking to streamline their design review process!
I’ve been using not8 a few months now and it has made a huge difference in how our development team works with the design team. The web integtation is smoth and allows us to easily review and provide feedback on designs.
Jules Varnier
UX lead at ZetaDisplay
4. Click anywhere you want to leave a note
Now you are ready to create notes! Choose any place on the site where you want to leave a note and click there. We also support word and sentences selection in case you want to highlight something. Each note has an embedded chat function so you can discuss everything right next to the reviewed element!

5. Share notes with your team

If you would like to share the notes you have just created - click on the "Share notes" button in the bookmark menu bar. A unique link will be generated and copied to your clipboard, so all you need to do is to paste it in any messenger and send it to your team!

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